In February 2001, the Agile Manifesto was born because building working software was a nightmare for many companies. Something had to change, and the manifesto addressed that very well. Although the Agile Manifesto is still relevant to building working software, our current challenge is another. Today, many companies can build…

Why do companies hire highly qualified professionals? The answer should be straightforward, but what happens, in reality, is complex. I’ve observed many talented people trapped in the business world from doing what they are capable of. The reasons are endless, but some common ones are:

  • Unskilled managers limit talents by…

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It’s impossible to ignore how well known Scrum is. For years, Scrum was the first choice among Agile frameworks for most companies worldwide; only a few would challenge it. But recently, something changed, organizations are losing trust in Scrum. After failing to get meaningful results, many places are replacing Scrum…

Around five decades ago, Gordon Moore observed that transistors inside a microchip doubled every year and a half. This observation remained true for a long time, and consequently, Moore's law was created. Yet, looking at our frenetic digitalization pace, technology is advancing faster than ever, bringing more challenges to benefit…

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“Shit! We have a refinement session today, and I am still behind my tasks.”

“Let’s skip the retrospective today, then we can deliver the features.”

“I have too many meetings, and no time to focus on coding!”

Are you familiar with any of these complaints? I’ve heard such objections often…

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Many companies I know claim to be Agile and work with Scrum. Yet, they measure performance based on output and arbitrary deadlines. A faulty perception of Agile and Scrum holds many teams back from reaching their true potential. Since I started my career as a Product Owner, I have attended…

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