See You, Medium.

It’s time to end this journey.

David Pereira
1 min readMay 12, 2023

After three and a half years, it’s time to say goodbye to you, Medium. Thanks to you, I became a blogger. I went from 0 to 86K+ followers, and for that, I’m more than thankful.

However, I don’t write for ghosts. I write to express and exchange with people. Even with the number of followers I have, I cannot get close to them.

I’m sorry that Medium hasn’t made it easier to contact my audience.

For a while, I’ve been dancing around a decision, stay or not stay on Medium. A decision is made.

This is the last post on Medium you’ll read from me.

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I write to support the product community and avoid the blows I had in my journey. And I want to learn more from your pains.

You can also connect with me on LinkedIn and find my first-hand insights there.

For now, I say goodbye, and thanks, everyone!
Let’s continue to rock the product world together.

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