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Defeating the Feature Factory

David Pereira
4 min readJun 1, 2022


I’m tired of anti-patterns. It makes me mad when teams waste their energy on pointless things and fail to create REAL value sooner.

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Many product teams are trapped and struggle to deliver value for end-users and businesses. Day in, day out, they miss opportunities to make the world better because they are too busy doing something else. Here are some ugly examples:

  • Building solutions without knowing the problems behind it
  • Working on multiple initiatives simultaneously because everything is important and urgent
  • Creating features that business stakeholders love and end-users couldn’t care less about
  • Implementing processes to increase predictability instead of figuring out how to reduce learning time
  • Maintaining a gigantic Product Backlog instead of continuously inspecting and adapting
  • Celebrating increased output as a success while the outcome is ignored
  • Focus on mitigating risks instead of maximizing opportunities

Unfortunately, such situations happen more often than you imagine, and worse than that, teams generally feel powerless to change it. Still, top management may not perceive this scenario as a problem, but I do.

Creating value requires different ingredients, and I believe product teams can defeat the anti-patterns with the proper guidance.

It’s time to beat the feature factory! You don’t need to fall victim of anti-patterns, you can overcome them!

Empowering Product Teams

Product teams should be empowered by leadership. I fully agree with this statement. However, there’s a problem; it’s passive, and teams should be active. Teams don’t need to wait for empowerment to create value; they should take the driver’s seat and do whatever is required to deliver meaningful impact.

Product teams will earn empowerment when they are ready to pick key fights and challenge the status quo. Action speaks louder…



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